South Africa

Blissfully, many of the most alluring locations of our world are placed close to home. Experience some of Southern Africa’s sought after sea-destinations in great style. Cruise ships allow us to enjoy the life of sea travellers, experience the exquisite star-strewn nights and crisp blue days of Africa.. The cruises have as ports of call the beautiful Mother City of Cape Town, with its majestic mountain, sprawling flora and thriving wildlife, the sunny seaside city of Durban - with its rich history and cultural diversity and leisure activities. Other destinations include the Portuguese Island which is in the Bay of Maputo and is an uninhabited nature reserve, Inhaca, Fort Dauphin in Madagascar, as well as Port Louis and La Possession in Mauritius.

Cruising from the fairest Cape

Cape Town is the tourist gem of South Africa. With its towering mountain ranges, magnificent wine routes, beautiful hiking trails, and wonderful ocean views around every corner. You can depart from Cape Town on your luxurious cruise liner and make your way to other destinations like the warm, sunny harbour of Durban, or take a cruise up the west coast to places like Walvis Bay and Luderitz.

A cruise from delightful Durban

Durban is known for its warm water and even warmer climate. Its vast sugar cane fields, fantastic beach activities and very interesting history with its multi-cultural society, make Durban a real treat in itself. Leaving from Durban on board your luxury cruise, you can visit the wonderful city of Cape Town, or make your way up north to the beautiful Mozambican Portuguese Island, Maputo, Inhaca, or Fort Dauphin in Madagascar. A cruise from Durban could also take you as far as the tropical paradise of La Possession or Port Louis in Mauritius.

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